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Professional Social Networking Group (PSNG) Networking Event


August 11 | 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Pre-registration is required through this link: http://events.constantcont b4094bdd0e

Pre-registration will close at 1pm the day of the event.

Thursday, August 11 • 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Professional attire only please.

Deerfield Country Club, 50 Fairway Drive, Deerfield Beach, 33441,, 954-427-4400. Located one block east of I-95 off of Hillsboro, next to the Deerfield Hilton.

The PSNG Networking Event will have $0 cover, 1 complimentary drink, 350+ people, photographers, a charity raffle for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more. The event is co-hosted by the South Florida Chamber of Commerce ( and the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce (

Pre-register (required) with your full name, email address and phone number through our Constant Contact invitations. When you arrive you will sign in at the event registration table, put on a name badge, get a drink ticket and then go network.

Things you can do at a PSNG event:
- Learn about other businesses
- Make new friends
- Support a good cause or charity
- Find new business opportunities
- Introduce people
- Discuss upcoming events with other groups
- Enjoy delicious food and lovely beverages
- Set up meetings and phone calls
- Help others find jobs and contracts
- Connect other charitable and networking groups

Please help make our events GREAT!
- Please invite some of your most trusted and respected friends in South Florida. Pre-register and forward our emailed invitations. Use the "Select Guests to Invite" link on our Facebook invitations. Consider including the message “I saw this event and thought of you.”

- Bring business cards with your name, phone number and email address. If you don’t have a business card with all of this information, please get some.

- Please bring your own name badge to use multiple times to save time, money and the environment. Please add your business name or business category to your name badge.

- Dress to impress. It feels good to look great. Dressing well helps you and our group. Venues and business owners often mention the way the whole crowd looks and how important that is. Think boardroom, not nightclub. Professional attire only, please.

- We ask volunteers to act as Greeters, Photographers, Videographers, Entertainers, Promoters, Ambassadors and more. Please contact us to volunteer ASAP so we can find a role you will enjoy.

- We allow charity organizations to set up promotional display tables at the events for no charge. Please contact us to get approval.

- We want each venue to want us back. The venues provide the space and the complimentary drink for no charge to the group. Please make positive comments to the managers and owners and consider buying additional food and drink, booking your own event, and coming back another night.

- Tip the wait staff well. A free drink should lead to a bigger tip than normal. Bring Dollars. The excuse "I don't have any singles on me" is unacceptable. Please tip for water and soda too. Tip staff at the bar and out in the crowd. If you don't plan to tip, please don't plan to come.

- Introduce yourself and others to anyone who looks like they want to meet people. Some people are less outgoing than you are. Let’s all try to make new attendees and quieter people feel welcome. Ask questions and listen.

- Expect to be approached by some people for business and by some people for socializing. We ask each guest to be respectful of all people, no matter what purpose they are attending the event to achieve. Even if you can't provide what they want, you may be able to give them encouragement, advice or a referral.

- Gentlemen, please be aware that we ask women to name the men that make them feel uncomfortable. If your name comes up too often we will quietly ask you to leave and not return to our events. Ladies, please make note and let us know what you think we should. In more than two years this has only happened twice. We consistently have very respectful group of people.

- Please use the “Invite People to Join” link on our Facebook group page to invite friends to join. Members can learn about our group and events.

- All the people helping at the registration table are volunteers who are there to have fun and make a great event. Please compliment and thank them.

- Develop real relationships at the events. Be curious, kind, complimentary, thoughtful, respectful, helpful, warm, friendly, genuine, positive and sincere. Smile :o)

Find PSNG on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!/PSNG2009

Jeff Tockman
Professional Social Networking Group
561-755-PSNG (7764)

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